Friday, March 15, 2013

All For One Giveaway

Wendy Russo, Joanne Brothwell, Shawna Romkey, and myself, have come together to give you, our lovely readers, a kinda-sorta Buy One Get THREEFree deal on our books. That averages out to $1.99 per book!


And that’s not all! Some participants of the All For One event will also be eligible to win all four books in print, each signed by the author, PLUS a June ebook release from Crescent Moon Press.
Sound too good to be true? Well, there is an itsy-bitsy catch. You have to post an honestreview on Amazon to get each successive book.


1. Participants may start with any of the four books, but they must progress through the books in order.
Silencing Breath → The Devil’s Triangle → January Black → Speak of the Devil
2. After reading, each participant must post an honest review on Amazon. Star ratings alone do NOT count toward a free ebook without an accompanying review of at least 20 words.* A link to this review should be emailed to the book’s author AND the author of the ebook being requested to receive the next file.
3. The authors participating in this event have no expectations of positive reviews. To comply with FCC rules, participants must state either at the top or bottom of the review that the book was given by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.
4. Extra points toward the grand prize will be awarded for reviews left on Goodreads, blogs, or other sites. These URLs will be entered into and tracked by Rafflecopter.
5. All reviews must be posted by 11:59 PM US Central time on June 15, 2013, to be counted toward the grand prize.
*We are looking for honest reviews that will help other readers to decide whether or not they’d like our books. If you don’t like the book, please say so, and for the benefit of other readers, please say why. If for any reason we feel your review is not honest, your entry into the grand prize will be disqualified.
This event is open internationally.
And YES. If you’ve already reviewed any of these books, you can play!

The Emails:

If you have reviewed “Silencing Breath,” send the link to:
joannebrothwell [at] gmail [dot] com, writertoni [at] yahoo [dot] com
Subject: Requesting ALL FOR ONE Copy of “The Devil’s Triangle”

If you have reviewed “Devil’s Triangle,” send the email link to:
writertoni [at] yahoo [dot] com, wendysrusso [at] gmail [dot] com
Subject: Requesting ALL FOR ONE Copy of “January Black”

If you have reviewed “January Black,” send the link to:
wendysrusso [at] gmail [dot] com, shawnaromkey [at] gmail [dot] com
Subject: Requesting ALL FOR ONE Copy of “Speak of the Devil”

If you have reviewed “Speak of the Devil,” send the link to:
shawnaromkey [at] gmail [dot] com, joannebrothwell [at] gmail [dot] com
Subject: Requesting ALL FOR ONE Copy of “Silencing Breath”

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