Thursday, January 31, 2013

Messy First Draft vs. Editing While Drafting

When I first began writing I edited as I went. I would edit the heck out of a chapter before moving on to write the next. There was this little voice in my head that told me I had to make each chapter perfect before I could think about the next chapter. I let my inner critic loose before the work was ready to be critiqued.

As a result I stopped writing the same manuscript about three separate times part way through. It was as if I lost the momentum when I stopped to edit. I would get to a point where everything was great up to that point, but I had no idea where to go from there. Even with my trusty outline. I thought outlining was the problem. So I decided that for my next manuscript I was going to fly by the seat of my pants and just write what ever came next. Of course, that didn't work. I began two new projects, both of which I set aside after only six chapters each.

It seemed outlining might not have been my problem after all. Then again, I was still going over each chapter multiple times before moving on. Then I would think what the heck is supposed to come next? I did need that outline in the end, but there was another problem with my drafting process.

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A short time later I learned of NaNoWriMo. This literally was the best thing for my writing. Why? I did not have the time to edit each chapter as I wrote that first draft. But, I kept up the momentum and was surprisingly pleased with that first draft. Regardless of how unbelievably messy it was. The story was there, the plot was tangeable, and I completed it. That was the first manuscript I ever completed. And it was also a newer version of my original manuscript.

Now, it is still sitting on the shelf hardly touched two years later, but it still has that potential that none of the previous versions had. I have learned to outline my plots better and become a better writer. Yet, my rough drafts are always messy. Yet as I sat down recently to edit my last NaNo project I found a really interesting story that does not need nearly as much work as I thought it might. The writing needs to be smoothed out and some of the details need to be worked on, but overall I have a decent draft. Even if it appears rather messy.

And since learning not to edit while I draft I have also learned that it is completely acceptable to have your beta readers / critique partners take a stab at the manuscript before doing too much editing. I now go through each manuscript to fix plot holes first, hand it over to my cps, and then do the major edits.

What are your thoughts on messy first drafts? Do you edit while you draft? Which method works better for you?

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Last Keeper’s Daughter
by Rebecca Trogner

To the outside world Lily Ayres is the privileged daughter of an old moneyed family. She is young, beautiful, and a talented horsewoman. All of which are enviably qualities, but few know that beneath this thin veneer of societal perfection lies a deeply troubled young woman. For Lily rarely speaks and is incapable of normal, human interaction.
Unable to understand why she is this way, she further retreats inside herself, until memories and suppressed emotions begin to bubble to the surface. Murder, revelations of her family's hidden purpose and dark secrets are revealed as she is thrust into the supernatural world of Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Contest Winner!!!


Jennifer Allis Provost!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Michael Pierce's SUSY Asylum

Coming Soon- the anticipated sequel to Michael Pierce's PROVEX City.
SUSY Asylum
The Lorne Family Vault, Book 2

by Michael Pierce

In SUSY Asylum, there is no release. There is no escape. No hope. In SUSY Asylum, the patients come face-to-face with their mirrors, locked away with the other halves of themselves who are thirsty for more than blood. Or so says Commodore Chaos.

Oliver and Desiree are introduced to the writings of the mysterious blogger, Commodore Chaos, when they return to Provex City to indulge in what the sublime city has to offer. The blogger claims the Lornes are collecting people venturing between the higher planes of awareness and locking them away in their mythical asylum. But are these legitimate concerns for inter-plane travelers or just the ramblings of an anonymous conspiracy blogger?

Oliver looks to the city as his only connection to his father while Desiree looks to the city as an escape from the torment of losing her best friend—again. Provex City is a wonder of beautiful treasures, entrancing them to continue returning. But behind the beauty, wolves have continued hunting Oliver, a boy who is still mostly unaware of his importance in the rebellion.

Oliver’s belief is waning. Desiree will not always be by his side. Mr. Gordon will not always come to his aid. Oliver finds himself alone, forced to confront his biggest fears, fight his inner demons, and face the very cold reality that no one is coming to save him.

Welcome to SUSY Asylum.

Cover Art 
(by Sketcher Girl Studios- Vic Caswell)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letting Go

My manuscripts are a lot like my kids, they're my babies. I find it hard to admit that my baby girl is in high school this year. It is even more frightening to realize that in less than four years she will be a high school graduate and off at college. I still think of her as my little bubbling baby girl toddling around the house. And while my daughter can, and will, protest that she is not a baby, my manuscripts cannot argue with me. They simply sit back as if waiting for me to admit they are ready to see the world.

This past Sunday was critique group Sunday. My favorite Sunday of the month. I love getting together with the ladies and discussing all things books, writing, and publishing. One of our main topics was what our immediate goals are. I walked into the meeting completely prepared to put very little on the table for my small goal. I have been suffering from neck pains and headaches for a while now, and therefore was afraid to really put much on my list of goals for this year.

But that all changed after talking to the wonderful ladies in my group. I have a completed, polished manuscript ready to go out into the world. But, for one reason or another I have held back from sending out queries on this particular manuscript. I had convinced myself that it would be a different project I would query this year, and only that one. Yet, after discussing projects and listening to everyone's goals I realized I have to let go. I have to try. Even if agents have already seen a lot of this particular type of story I should still attempt to get out there.

I continually convince myself it's not ready. Even though I have been doing a final read through this week and I am finding little to fix. Truth is, I need to get over this fear of mine and let it go. I need to try, see where it takes me. You never know if this is the one to land you an agent, or the one to give you more learning experience. It's worth a shot. Right?

Is it hard for you to let go of your manuscripts? Please tell me I'm not the only one. lol

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Different Kind of Thesaurus

Wordnet is a fun, interesting tool that a writer can use when they get stumped for a word. According to the Wordnet site, it says that "WordNet® is a large lexical database of English. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each expressing a distinct concept."  While not falling neatly into the category of a thesaurus, the site allows for you to search a word and come up with a host of related words that could freshen up your prose.

Here's what came up when I searched the word dog:



Check it out here:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five Month Countdown to the Release of Triangles!

TRIANGLES will be released in about five months! To continue the countdown, I'm introducing another character today, and one each month, until the release on June 18! I'm also including a contest with each character. The details follow the introduction. Today, Joey DeStefano is up!

Hi, my name is Joseph DeStefano, but everyone calls me Joey. I live with my mom and brothers, and I help take care of them—even my mom. It’s hard, but I can handle it. I do what I have to since my dad split and left us alone with no money. With my mom sick and my brothers raising hell, my escape is in cars.

I’m a mechanic in an auto shop, and I’ve got it bad for our cashier, Autumn Taylor. I fell for her the first time I saw her picture, when her mom brought her car in for service. Then, Autumn started working at the shop, and bam!—she stole my heart. She may not be the perfect girl, but she’s perfect for me.

There’s only one, tiny problem. Autumn won’t give me the time of day. She’s so hell-bent on leaving Jersey and keeping everyone at a safe distance that she doesn’t realize how great we could be together. But I have big plans for us, and if she would let me in, I could rock her world. I just need to find a way to convince her to give me a chance, but with her stubborn streak and tough girl act, it won’t be easy.

I’m up for the challenge.

"Five Month Countdown to Triangles Contest"

1. Comment on THIS blog post answering this question: Who or what would you like to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle with? Could be a celebrity, someone you know, or something you couldn’t live without, like your mobile phone!

2. Tweet about this contest using the hashtag #MysteriousBermudaTriangle. The link to that tweet must be included in your comment. If you don't have Twitter, you can do a status update on Facebook. Include that link. Doing both would be even better!

3. If you’d like, add Triangles to your Goodreads to-read list here:


Like the Triangles page on Facebook here: 

That's it!

Now for the prize:

Your choice of a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card! Previous winners CAN win again!

Some more contest details:
Contest starts January 10 and ends January 23, at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced January 24, 2013 on this blog.
Contest is International.
Each month, I will introduce another major character and have other prizes!
You must be 13 years old to enter.
Winner will be chosen using


Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Goals - 2013

Welcome to 2013! The predictions were wrong and the world didn't end in 2012, thankfully. It could not end. Not with Kimberly's and Toni's books releasing this year!  Of course, it being a new year I began thinking about my resolutions for the year.

It didn't take me long to realize everything on my list had something to do with writing. I looked at my current WIPs and began a realistic list of what I want and need to accomplish. I also sat down with my Goodreads to-read list, which is insanely long, and picked out books I definitely want to read this year.

Also, since I didn't meet all my goals last year I decided I needed a new way to keep myself accountable this year. So, I thought I could list my goals here at the beginning of the year and then revisit them at the end of the year. Maybe this will be what I need to meet all of my goals this year. And I would love to hear what your goals are. Let's try to keep each other accountable this year.

Here's my list:

  • Polish off WIP3. I had hoped to have this done by December, but life and health issues got in my way. 
  • Query WIP3. Again I wanted to have this one on submission already, but as I said above, life got in the way.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo - I participated in 2010 & 2011, but bowed out this past year to polish off WIP3 and had withdrawals. I have several projects swimming around in my mind for this year. 
  • Read at least 50 books. This list can be found on my personal blog, and it's way more than 50 books. Chances are I will deviate from this list, as I tend to do every year. lol 
 What are your writing / reading goals for 2013?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The 2013 Young Adult Debut Event is live over at reading away the days! Stop on by for a month-long event of author interviews, reviews, and giveaways! My interview is scheduled for January 6, 2013!!!

Happy New Year!

Kimmy :)
Triangles, Spencer Hill Press, 2013