Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top Ten Ways to Procrastinate NaNoWriMo

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10. Spend at least 5 minutes in the kitchen looking for a snack. Create a quick list of items your fridge and pantry are lacking. Writing snacks are in high demand this month. Get them while supplies last. 

9. Check email. Make mental note of which ones to respond to after you get your word count in for the day. Heck, why not respond now? Okay, I think I will.

8. Check blog traffic and comments. Ponder blog topics you haven't covered yet, there aren't that many. Right?

7. Check all of your social media sites to see what everyone else is up to. This is highly important and should be checked multiple times throughout the day. You never know when you will miss something big.

6. Click on links and read articles from said social media sites. You might as well watch the video of the cute [baby/cat/dog] everyone is sharing today. 

5. Post your writing intentions on all appropriate social media sites. Don't forget to send a picture to Instagram of your desk or computer ready and waiting for words to be written. Heck, link the picture to all social media sites. Why not? 

4. Have simultaneous conversations with other writers through social media sites about how your writing is going. Don't mention how you are all procrastinating. After all, writers make procrastination an art form. (I resemble that remark!)  

3. Create a new music playlist. The current one isn't working for this manuscript. And don't forget to buy a few new songs to add to the list. But make sure they are the right songs first.

2. Check the NaNoWriMo website to see how others are doing. Have a panic attack when you see your own progress bar and how many words you still need to write to win. You won't be sleeping this month.

AND .... 

1. Play Candy Crush while waiting for panic attack to dissipate and your writing muse to arrive.


  1. Lol! I can laugh at this since I'm not NaNoing. Course most of this list pertains to me anyway...

    1. Yeah, I hit some items on this list outside of November, too. ;-)