Monday, July 23, 2012

Authors and the Books that Take You Places!

Cynthia Willis is the author of the Middle Grade novel, Buck Fever, published by Feiwel and Friends. Welcome Cynthia! We here at TheWritersbytheshore blog believe in BIC (butt in chair), but we also think that writing (and life) should take us and our readers to fun destinations. So here we go...

Tell us a little about your book. Will we need our passports?

In Buck Fever, Joey MacTagert’s dad wants his son to carry on the family tradition of hunting and use this special skill in tracking animals to hunt down the elusive big buck that roams the local woods. But Joey hates the idea of killing animals. He is more interested in art and hockey, two activities that his dad barely acknowledges. Yes, Joey knows how to track down Old Buck and has even gained the deer’s trust, but he’s kept this secret. However, when Joey and his older sister find themselves in the middle of tensions that they don’t understand, Joey tries to conquer his buck fever to keep the peace in his family and make his dad proud. Since this story takes place in Pennsylvania, no passport is needed here, either.
Wow! Sounds great. So, if I was going to have dinner with your main character, what exotic locale would we be dining at?

If you were to have dinner with Joey, from Buck Fever, you would probably be eating beef jerky and jelly beans, or pizza. Unfortunately, things are a bit unorganized and out of balance in Joey’s home, which explains how he gets tangled in so much trouble.

Who is the character you would vote as "Most likely not to make it through customs" and why?

Sam Hector, the villain in Buck Fever, would probably end up arrested if he tried to get through customs. In addition to his aggressive and argumentative personality, he is usually carrying pocket knives and other items considered dangerous.
If your main character was stranded on a desert island, what would be an essential travel item for them to take along?
Cub would need fresh water. They are both survivors and accustomed to outdoor living, but fresh water is tough to come by on a desert island. And as an author who adores her main characters, I’d be worried sick if either of them ended up stranded without fresh drinking water.

What advice would you offer to other writers embarking on their own writing adventure?

Pack lots of books to read along the way, don’t let the delays and the travel snags keep you from your destination, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks, Cynthia and Bon Voyage!

Toni De Palma

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