Thursday, July 12, 2012

QUERY CORNER – Successful Queries

Today I’m going to post another query of mine that received a lot of requests. I have since shelved this novel, but the query I wrote really did a good job of getting attention. Since this was my very first try at querying, I posted my original query on the forums at and got some wonderful feedback. I encourage everyone to enlist the help of other writers in the querying stage and to take the advice of those who have had successful queries. They can point out any issues with the query and help to perfect it before you send it out. Here is my query for Soul Stalker:

Dear Agent, (Of course, here I put the agent’s name)

High school senior Liz Grayson is no stranger to love triangles—she just doesn't know it yet.  When perfect-in-every-way Mina Manson moves to town and tries to steal Liz's boyfriend, Chris Edwards, the real challenge isn't keeping Chris.  It's dealing with the proof that they battled for his love in another lifetime.  And somebody ended up dead. (This paragraph, and last sentence, should hook the agent/editor and make them want to read more)

When Mina first starts flirting with Chris, Liz is unaware of their unusual history.  Soon Mina catches Liz alone and makes a baffling demand: hand Chris over.  Liz seeks advice on how to deal from the new guidance counselor who believes in karma and reincarnation as much as college planning.  With her help, Liz uncovers the evidence that she'd been involved in a dangerous love triangle with Chris and Mina in another lifetime.  Fearing for their future and her life, Liz searches for ways to stop Mina's interference before someone ends up hurt, or worse, dead again.  What Liz doesn't know is that Mina has her own reasons for going after Chris, and they aren't what she thinks. (This paragraph should read like the back cover a book—it should sound enticing and interesting without giving too much away)

SOUL STALKER is a 67,000 word young adult paranormal romance.  This novel is a standalone with series potential. (This paragraph includes the title, word count, genre, and lists any submission guidelines that were followed)

Thank you for taking the time to consider representing my work.  I look forward to hearing from you. (It is always a good idea to thank them for their time and close the letter professionally)

Kimberly Miller (Following my name would be my contact information—address, phone number, email address, and website, social media links)

Kimmy :)

TRIANGLES, Kimberly Ann Miller, Spencer Hill Press, June 2013


  1. This was my very first book and I posted this on query tracker!