Monday, August 6, 2012

Authors and Books that Take you Places!

Margie Gelbwasser is the author of the YA novel Pieces of Us published by Flux. Welcome Margie! We here at TheWritersbytheshore blog believe in BIC (butt in chair), but we also think that writing (and life) should take us and our readers to fun destinations. So here we go...
Tell us a little about your book. Will we need our passports?

PIECES OF US is about four teens and the secrets each of them faces. Every summer, they escape their turbulent lives and their hometowns of Cherry Hill, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, and travel to the Catskills in Upstate, NY. So, while the trip may be a bit long, it's fairly local so no passports needed

Wow! Sounds great. So, if I was going to have dinner with your main character, what exotic locale would we be dining at?
Since POU deals with four main characters, I'm going to share four locales.
If you were to dine with Katie, she would love to go anywhere with noise and people--a place where the commotion could clear her head and distract her from her thoughts. She would love dining anywhere in New York City, especially at night when it's aglow and alive.
Her sister, Julie, is pretty simple. All she wants is to eat food her mother prohibits, like fries and burgers and shakes. If you could sneak away to a McDs on the outskirts of town, she'd love you for life.

Then we have our boy main characters, brothers Kyle and Alex. They live Philly, and Kyle loves ethnic food, especially Mexican. He'd love to dine at some authentic Mexican hotspot with cultural music and food. The fact that his brother Alex would not set foot in such a place, would make it all the sweeter.

Finally, we have Alex. Foodwise, it's not hard to please him. He doesn't go for the exotic--not even a little. Give him a few slices of pizza, and he's golden. He does have a favorite pizza place, though. It's in Philly, and is called Lorenzo's.
Who is the character you would vote as "Most likely not to make it through customs" and why?
This would be Alex, hands down. Not so much for what he may be carrying, but because his mouth might get him into trouble. If angered, he could easily curse someone out or yell at them. And, if he had a female customs agent, it's possible he could inappropriately flirt with her, delaying his departure.

If your main character was stranded on a desert island, what would be an essential travel item for them to take along?
I'll break it down for each again. :-)
Katie: Katie would take her iPod or drawing pad. The iPod is essential for when her thoughts get too loud, and the drawing pad helps her put her ideas on paper and cope with the issues gnawing at her.
Julie: Some literary classics and a crate of junk food. The classics so she could exercise her brain, and the junk food because her mom won't let her eat that at home. Being trapped on a desert island has some perks. :-)
Alex: He's a tough one. I'm not sure what is an essential item for him. He doesn't really need or crave things. He has the horrible habit of smoking, so packs of cigarettes would probably be his go to items. Those or a girl. He loves those too. Can he bring a girl to the island?
Kyle: Kyle is such a broken soul, but he loves to escape in schoolwork and books. I think he would take a few classics with him as well and books of poetry, maybe Dylan Thomas.

What advice would you offer to other writers embarking on their own writing adventure?
Don't let anything stop you, and if your imagination beckons, follow it!!

Thanks, Margie and Bon Voyage!

Toni De Palma

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