Thursday, August 9, 2012


I’ve had luck with entering writing contests. It’s a great opportunity to get your work in front of agents and editors. My favorite contests are the ones that either offer requests for your manuscript or critiques of your manuscript. Finding a contest that fits your genre is easy, especially if you hang out on a writer’s forum like or follow a lot of blogs. Here are a few tips for getting ahead in contests:

*Follow the guidelines! You would be surprised at how many people fail to follow the rules.
*Make sure your genre is included in the contest you are entering (again, follow the guidelines).
*Perfect your entry before the contest. Get your work in front of other writers for advice and help to make your work shine.
*Be kind to others. If you’ve entered the type of contest that requires you to comment on other entries, be honest but nice. If the entry is bad, think of a way to offer advice to improve it without tearing the work up.
*Follow up. If you get a request/win, make sure to send what is requested.
*Most of all, have fun!

That’s it! Happy contesting!

Kimmy :) 

TRIANGLES, Kimberly Ann Miller, Spencer Hill Press, June 2013

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