Monday, September 17, 2012

Writing Habits

I once heard about a girl who slathered her naked body in vaseline and then wrapped herself up in cellophane wrap before she got in front of her computer to write. While I don't have quite such exotic writing habits as this, I have found a few things that work for me:

I'm a morning person. I always have been. Even during my teen years, sleeping late never went beyond ten. Being a morning person, I have most of my energy both physical and mental in the morning and so this is the time I find best for writing.

I like doing it in the kitchen best. When my husband and I bought our new house 7 years ago, I was so excited about the prospect of having an office. I decorated the space, filling it with books, pictures, bits of sea glass and other stuff to make it feel homey. Well, after six months of trying, I realized I hated that space and moved myself back to the kitchen.

I need quiet. I've heard of writers who work to rock music, symphonies, alternative etc... Not me. The only sound I want to hear is the tapping keyboard.

I need snacks. A cup of tea in the winter, some crackers, hummus is nice too for a jolt of protein. I try not to overdo the snacks though.

A special writing wardrobe. There's nothing better than my polka dot robe to make me feel all snug and ready to write. My robe is looking a bit ratty these days but it feels like an old friend that's come along for the ride.

So what works for you when you write? Do you have any usual writing habits? I mean aside from smothering yourself in Vaseline?

Writing "habit".....   Get it? :)


  1. I like to set myself up on my porch with my laptop in the early morning or evening when the bugs and frogs are singing away. With a cat on my lap and a glass of iced tea next to me, I'm good and ready!

    1. Oh, I need to try that! I have the toddler, though. He doesn't allow me much "quiet" time. haha

  2. Nice, Kimmy! Isn't it interesting what works for each person?

  3. I agree with the quiet and the tea. I type at the dinning room table, but that's it for me. No scent candles, secret socks or good luck bringing baseball caps ;)

  4. I'm like you with the music. I can't focus when there's any kind of music, other than classical, in the back ground. I find myself singing along! lol ;-)