Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have a group I meet with monthly and beta readers that I met online. Both are beneficial for different reasons:

The monthly group I attend meets at a Barnes and Noble near my house. We are a mixed group of women, all in different life stages, and all sharing our love of writing. The best part of the group is sitting and chatting in real time, enjoying each other’s company, and making lasting friendships with women who share a common interest.

The online readers are cyber friends who also share a love of reading and writing. We email each other and share links to blogs, articles, and reviews. We email back and forth to answer each other’s questions, complain, vent, and share happy news.

I wouldn’t trade either group for the world. Each woman brings a different perspective and view of the world that only helps to strengthen my writing.

How about you? Do you have people in your life, real or in cyberspace, who are invaluable to your writing?

Kimmy :)
TRIANGLES, Kimberly Ann Miller, Spencer Hill Press, June 2013


  1. My only writer friends are online, scattered across North America. I wish we all lived close enough to meet in person on a regular basis!

  2. I tried an in group thing once and there just weren't enough people in our small town to make up a group of YA fiction lovers.

    Love my online partners though. They're the best!