Thursday, July 25, 2013


As writers, our entire life is about numbers. It doesn’t end, whether you’re writing that first book or publishing your twentieth novel. This is how it goes:

~While we’re writing, it’s how many words we wrote that day.
~While we’re querying, it’s how many rejections or requests we got for that manuscript.
~While we’re on submission, it’s how many houses are reading it.
~While we’re editing and revising, it’s how many times we revised.

Then, we get published, and the numbers game continues.

~How many ratings did we get?
~How many reviews did we get?
~How many people added it on Goodreads?
~How many books sold?
~How are we ranking on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, and elsewhere?

We tend to focus on these numbers and forget the bigger picture. It isn’t easy, but we need to remember why we write—to get great stories in the hands of readers. So no matter what stage in the writing game you’re at, try to sit back, relax, and write the best story you can. The numbers will always be there, but don’t let them rule you. Let the story do that :)

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