Monday, June 18, 2012

Authors and Books that Take You Places!

Avery Olive is the author of the Paranormal YA A Stiff Kiss published by Crescent Moon Press. Welcome Avery! We here at TheWritersbytheshore blog believe in BIC (butt in chair), but we also think that writing (and life) should take us and our readers to fun destinations. So here we go...
Tell us a little about your book. Will we need our passports?

A Stiff Kiss is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I think it's a reverse sleeping beauty tale with a twist. It's got a little bit of some darker themes but it's a romance through and through. Not everyone will need a passport to get to rainy Silversprings, Oregon but I sure do since I'm a Canadian ;)
Wow! Sounds great. So, if I was going to have dinner with your main character, what exotic locale would we be dining at?

If you were dining with Xylia I suspect you'd be in Transylvania. She loves historic castles, graveyards and the chance to maybe come across a ghost--if they exist--along with anything on the spooky side.
Landon would pick something romantic like Venice, for sure. He'd buy you a gondola ride through the canals, without a doubt.
Who is the character you would vote as "Most likely not to make it through customs" and why?
That would be Xylia. She'd try to get on a plane spur of the moment and forget her passport, or try to carry on some questionable items. Not to mention with her slightly goth, dark personality and clothes she's sure to draw attention even if she's done nothing wrong.
If your main character was stranded on a desert island, what would be an essential travel item for them to take along?
Xylia's up for any adventure. She'd want a book, or map, something to point her towards a creepy cemetery, or where to find the most trouble.
What advice would you offer to other writers embarking on their own writing adventure?
Do your research. Everyone has to start at the beginning and learn how to wade through the never ending learning curves that come with writing, querying, editing and publishing. I know that sometimes you may want to take the easy way out and have the answers given to you, but it's best to find a great support group, writing circle and allow yourself the chance to succeed by being prepared. Writing and getting published isn't as simple as completing a book and getting it published, there are many steps in between.

Thanks, Avery and Bon Voyage!

Toni De Palma


  1. Thanks so much for having me on the blog! I wish I could jet off right now!

  2. My pleasure! Love your book! Love the cover!

  3. Excellent advice! :) Oregon's been on my list of must-visit places--can't wait to go one day. The book sounds awesome!

  4. Great interview! A Stiff Kiss sounds awesome!

  5. Interesting interview! I'm a new follower to this blog and love paranormal YA. Best of luck with your novel!